Monday, 22 October 2012


sorry, i'm not active with this blog anymore 
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Well, this is my first blog that i've created..
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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Riddles 1

The earth is black and white to me
Other colors I can not see
Some call me man's best friend
Give me a bone, a lick I'll lend.
What am I? 
A Dog

We are in beauty,
But not in handsome
We are in you,
But not in she
One of us is in pretty,
But both of us are in ugly
Please tell who are we? 
Letter Y and U.

Touched by fire, I am bright.
Constant use changes my height.
Alive at night, out all day,
Use me too much and I will disappear away. 

Paint me up and I am pretty, 
File me down and I am healthy, 
But cut too much and pain I bring. 
What is this mysterious thing? 
Finger Nail 

I give knowledge, but don't receive it.
My brothers and I have lived many centuries, and in many places,
each with our own unique faces.
To my tall friends that made me,
I am but a mere baby.
If it weren't for me that you seek
You may not know how to speak.
What am I?
A Book.
(Tall Friends=Trees)

Dead on the field lie ten soldiers in white,
Felled by three eyes, black as night.
What happened?
A bowling ball knocked down ten pin.

Do you get the answers?
actually, Mr Deen have put all the answers under each questions given. 
To get the answer, highlight a line after each question and the answer will be revealed.

So? Do you get all the answers correctly? 
If yes, GOOD..!!
If not, Try again next time!

Monday, 2 January 2012

O Servant Of God

This poem Mr Deen created and adapt from the original poem that Mr Deen took from
The poem is originally created by Shahid Athar, M.D. but Mr Deen changed and added some more ideas to it and make it much more alive.
Let us together read the poem and spend 5 minutes to think for awhile, feel and understand the messages existed from this poem.

Dear my friends,
Dear servants of God,
You are young Muslims of today,
You wait impatiently every day,
 For e- mail messages of the day.

You log on several times a day,
Feel proud to lead the way, huh?
When you hear" you got mail",
There's no way to move like snail,
You can't wait to read, right?
Did you react that way?
When the azan calls for pray?

Some mails are sweet,
Many sent their greet,
Some mails are bad,
Surely you know what they get,
Rush and fast you delete,

Most of the mails,
Comes from your friends,
Yes it helps to close the distance,
But does it work with your obedience,
To Allah and your parents?

Did you know dear,
1400 years ago,
God sent you a long e-mail
Through Angel Gabriel,
Took 23 years to get,
Revealed upon the holy Prophet(p),

Did you open that e-mail?
Subject: "Koran: the guide"
Did you download that file?
And book marked in your heart?
Have you opened that e-mail?

You had read in it all,
Now you left it,
No wonder it’s hard for you to recall?
The stories of the prophets sent,
The stories of nations destroyed.
The knowledge, the life,
The must and mustn't,
Even everything in the universe.

There are warning to the mankind,
To be good, great, and kind,
Have you set it in your mind?
For you to be on the right line.

There are guidance for your life,
Even on how to choose a wife,
Sometimes Koran can become a knife,
To protect people from Satan's hive.

Wow, how fortunate to know the Koran,
How wonderful to get this e-mail,
Good news and hope for the future,
To bring you closer to The Creator.

Now, every morning ,
Don't make your mom babbling,
Don't start with singing,
But start with reciting,
When you wake up,
Read this e-mail first,
Memorize and act upon,
Dear young Muslims,
The future of Islam.

For your information, Mr Deen have used this poem for a group presentation and it really was a big success and does really affected us.